Wednesday, April 7, 2010


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I've been busy doing things around the house lately. Namely, starting a wee little garden on my kitchen window ledge. I adore growing things, especially edible things, and decided this winter, after a very fruitful apartment balcony harvest, that I would go to the next step and start growing things from seeds. My first attempt is some mixed greens (pictured here) and they are doing very well. I started them on a wet paper towel with a jar over them to keep moisture in, and once they got big enough I snipped them off the paper towel and put them in little cups I made from cutting up a cardboard egg carton. When ready, I can just plant the whole thing rather than try to transplant the delicate little seedling. I also put a sprig of rosemary in water after purchasing it from my local grocery store, and behold, it sprouted roots! It's now happily spreading rosemary love in some soil in another window of my kitchen.

I have seeds for tomatoes, basil (one can never have too much basil!), spinach, bell peppers, chilis, and more! Hopefully it will be a bountiful summer!

This post was inspired by a contest at the blog Design*Sponge. Check them out, they seem like a fun bunch!

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  1. ohhhhh nelly, this is a magnificent idea! thank you for connecting!