Saturday, April 17, 2010


When I was a child, someone asked me what my favorite color was. Feeling like I needed a response, I chose yellow. Later I learned that it was also the color for my astrological sign, Leo, and I felt like it was fate or destiny that made me claim that color. I clung to yellow with a tight, faithful fist despite the fact that I never used it in my home nor wore it. I didn't even much like gold, to be perfectly honest. I was, and am actually, a silver girl.

Well recently the truth has come out. My favorite color is green. To be specific, my favorite color is that green you get when sitting in a park near a variety of different trees and it rained early that morning, so all the leaves are plump with water and bright with photosynthesis. The truth is out! I feel so free now!

To celebrate, I worked in my little balcony garden. Several months ago I had purchase some cut rosemary for a dish I was cooking that night. It came with far more sprigs than I needed, and I felt bad for the leftovers, so I put one of them in some water in a little glass jar to try to extend his life. Well, he sprouted roots. So I planted him. And he sprouted new growth. So today I decided to return him to his natural habitat, and I planted him outdoors in this enormous pot far too big for him now, but one day! One day! The whole time I was tucking him into his new soil, I was whispering words of encouragement like "you've already proven yourself a tough little sucker" and "I completely believe in you."

While I was digging out my soil that's been left in a plastic bag on the balcony, covered in snow all winter long, I discovered this weird mossy grassy stuff growing in there. Being the cooky (sp?) kid that I am I grabbed one of the glass pieces we picked up for our wedding and decided to try to keep it alive! I have no idea what this stuff is, how it grows, etc. I'm guessing it needs minimal moisture and very little light, since the plastic bag is an opaque white. We shall see! If anything it's like having a new pet in the house!

Last but not least, I just wanted to add a picture of my basil. I almost put him (them?) out today too but I felt like they weren't quite ready. Specifically I felt like they weren't too big for their britches, lol.

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