Friday, September 11, 2009

So Much New Goodness!

We had internet trouble all day, so bereft of my Facebook access, I got to work. I ended up getting a lot done, too! I finished my newest Halloween apron, completed a Victorian-inspired riding hat I've been dreaming about for years now, took tons of new photos for my other aprons, and started a whole new apron project that is almost finished! Now I'm embarassed that last week it took me all day to complete just one apron. I need to monitor my distractions.

Now let me introduce you to the newest additions to my craft family.

The Victorian-Inspired Embellished Riding Hat

The hat is a bowler style hard-side hat with a 22 inch diameter. It's a little small for my head, but as you can see from the photos, it still works great.

Spider-web patterned netting is gathered at the back and cascades down to trail the floor behind you. There's also a piece that can be pulled down and worn as a veil, or worn up on the brim of the hat. There are more pictures of this in my etsy shop.

Finally there are hand-painted faux berries, silk flowers, and various feathers attached to the left side of the hat.

Silk and cotton ribbon are used to secure the hat beneath the chin.

This piece is lovingly handmade to last many, many years.

I've listed the piece on etsy for $85.00, mostly because I want to keep it for myself. However, I have made Jeremy promise to take me to a Halloween store to buy more hats to embellish. My real dream is to find a vintage top-hat or bowler at a reasonable price and do this to it.

The Halloween Print Half Apron

I believe this apron to be my most skillfully done so far. I made some minor tweeks to my original pattern and execution that I think really set it a notch above the others.

First of all, nearly all seams are completely finished. The only exception is where the skirt and the waistband meet, simply because there's already so many layers of fabric going on there that it would be very difficult to effectively run that area through my machine.

Secondly, I attached ties a bit differenly to the waistband. I exagerated the fold so that the ties come out a bit skinnier than the waistband. I also did some different sewing techniques in that area that make the whole thing more sturdy.

Finally, hurray, I figured my labels out! I've been struggling with figuring out how to use the Yudu screenprinting machine with absolutely zero results, and was getting extremely furstrated. In my frustration I decided to reorganize my craft room and came across some fabric markers. The ink is permanent and washable once completely dry. Maybe one day I'll beat the Yudu machine into submission, but for now I've come up with something I'm perfectly happy with.

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