Thursday, September 17, 2009

Getting a Little Bit of my Past Back

Things We Lost in the Fire

As some of you may know, there was a huge fire that swept with most of San Diego county in the winter of 2007. My parent's home was one of the casualties of that fire, though thankfully my parents were not. At that time I had just moved to Chicago to manage a retail store for the company I where I worked. It was a fast move, and I didn't have much time to coordinate the transfer of my stuff. My parents graciously agreed to hold on to my boxes until I could get a moving company sorted out. You see where this is going.

I lost a great deal of stuff in that fire. I only took the basics with me when I moved, just what I could carry on the plane, and my parents sent me a couple of care packages soon after that contained blankets, coats, and some shoes. Everything else was destroyed, but most of it I soon realized I could live without. Some things, though, were very difficult, such as pictures. I had taken most of my baby pictures from my parents to put together a photo album for them. The album, nearly completed, sat in one of the boxes waiting to be shipped.

After the fire, over time, pictures began surfacing. I had scanned and uploaded two of my dad's favorites to my myspace page. Friends had some, relatives others. Recently I realized that there's nothing quite like having old photos framed and hanging on the wall. I did a search on printing photos, and came up with, apparently a site run by Hewlett Packard. The were running an offer where I could receive 50 prints free for signing up as a new member, and also a Labor Day weekend sale that gave me free shipping. Not expecting much, but willing to try for free, I uploaded some old photos, some new photos I took with my digital camera, and, for good measure, some camera phone photos.

Well today I received the pictures, and they are beautiful. Admittedly, the camera phone pictures don't look amazing, but they look better than I expected, and all the rest look just like they were taken with a real camera. I'm truely impressed. I would highly recommend using snapfish again.

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  1. Having been the victim of a fire myself, I know what it's like to learn to live without. Fortunately, my photos were spared, thanks to some quick-thinking firefighters.
    To think that you have lost most of your baby pictures makes me want to cry. I'm so sorry.