Saturday, September 12, 2009

Drink of the Night - The Melissa

The Melissa

Named after my very best friend, and the originator of this refreshing drink, Melissa. I left her behind in Chicago when I moved to Omaha to be with the love of my life, Jeremy. Now I regularly lift this cocktail up in her memory.

It couldn't be simpler. In fact, I'm sure many of you already drink it but haven't given it a name. Well too late for you!

red wine
an old jar

1. Find an empty old jar. Make sure it's clean!
2. Put several ice cubes in the jar.
3. Pour about an inch of red wine in.
4. Fill the remaining space with water.
5. Enjoy!

It's surprisingly refreshing, and perfect for a hot afternoon where you want something uncomplicated, and you don't want to start feeling drunk. If you were ambitious and wanted to get fancy, you could substitute soda water and add some fresh fruit, but then that would more like a sangria and less like a Melissa. Whatever you do, the drink must be served in an old jar in order to be a proper Melissa.


  1. That sounds great! My mother-in-law left a bunch of wine here. I should try it! I don't have a jar, but I've got a couple of boot glasses.

  2. I'll let the boot glass go =p I guess a life without compromise is no life at all. Besides, I have to give you props for creativity!