Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dish of the Day - Chicken Burrito with a Poblano Cream Sauce

Chicken Burrito with a Poblano Chili Cream Sauce

This was my first ever cream sauce, so I was very nervous about how it was going to come out. I was especially worried about the consistency, since the recipe I used as a base concept called for the onions and chili to be minced in a food processor, and those of us who are not wealthy do not own a food processor. Instead I diced them as small as possible using the dicing technique I recently picked up from my Hell's Kitchen obsess-a-thon on

The sauce was very simple. I sauted diced onions, garlic, and poblano chilis in vegetable oil. When it began to clarify, I poured in a little chicken broth and let it simmer a bit, adding some salt and pepper. Finally I poured in some cream, stirred, tasted, added salt and pepper as needed, and covered to let simmer for about 5 minutes.

For the inside, I sauted onions, garlic, and more chilis (cute into larger pieces this time) until softer, then added the pre-cooked chicken and some Sargento's 3 cheese mexican blend. Oh, and cayenne pepper, but not too much since the chili has plenty of kick. I cooked a half cup of uncle ben's brown rice in the correct amount of water, but tossed a chicken bullion cube and a handful of frozen peas and carrots in as well.

The worst part about doing this dish was dicing the chilis on a warm day. The heat of the kitchen made my pores open up and they soaked up all that spicy chili goodness. I was in a lot of pain.

The best part was that despite how painstakingly I removed the seeds, the burrito had plenty of spice. However, it wasn't the kind of burning spice that masks all of the flavor. You could still taste all the flavors. It was amazing!

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  1. This looks delicious! And I can not imagine cutting up chilies on a hot day, sounds painful. I'll bet this meal was amazing. Your man is one lucky guy, darlin. :)