Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Date Night - Pizza and Beer at Don Carmelo's

pizza_and_beer, originally uploaded by omahagoodlife.

When my boyfriend moved to Omaha ahead of me, I was worried about what he was eating. "What are you eating for dinner?" I asked. "Honey nut cheerios," he replied. "You need real food!" I said and used the Search Nearby feature on Google maps to look up pizza joints nearby. One of the first, Don Carmelo's, was practically within walking distance ("But it's raining!") and came with 2 raving reviews attached. About a half hour later I received a text photo on my cell phone similar to the one above. "Date worthy?" I texted back. "Definitely" was his immediate reply.

This relaxed little pizza place is now our favorite weekly spot. The pizza is delicious and cheap, the beer selection good, and the staff very friendly. When they discovered we were new to town they drew up a list of cool bars and venues for us to visit, all of which will be featured here at one point or another. They have several flat screen televisions mounted on the wall but we aren't that big into television, so we take games with us. We were neck-deep in a rousing game of rummy when I took the photo above.

Don Carmelo's
35th and Farnam
Mon thru Sat 11am to 10pm
Sun 4pm to 9pm

Additionally, it is next door to Beertopia, a friendly little shop for beerophiles. Watch for more info about Beertopia in future posts.

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